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So for this post we are going to be talking about the technology that makes your everyday transportation possible.  I am synced up for the time I get in my car to the time I get out.  From the time I get in my car to the time I step.  I am totally synced with the world.

A few years ago a Tom Tom GPS was the neatest thing on the market but that it completely obsolete.  Most cars now have interactive GPS systems that are completely hands free.

GPS and mobile phone capability  are not the only thing that’s possible due to the recent surge of technology in to the transportation industry.   Who would have thought of cars that could drive themselves.  While I am not completely sold on the decision making capability of a car that does not have a driver the idea is war cool.

While I may not be completely sold on a driverless car, I can by into the fact that safety has jumped leaps and bounds in recent years.  Vehicles that can apply brakes as a function of speed and proximity to stationary objects is a very neat concept.

man using car control panel to read news

My arrogance gets in the way a little but when you put it in perspective the technology could and will likely become the norm in all the transportation industry.   Recently cities like  Dallas and many other major metropolitan areas are really cracking down on the taxi, limo and transportation industry.  After several significant incidents in California in a limousine resulting in several deaths,  It begs the question of how many could be saved with it.  I know that margins are tight in transportation industries but capital can be depreciated thus justifying the the purchase of updated fleets of vehicles.

It is insane the amount of instrumentation that all vehicles are equipped with these days.  It is easy to hone in on the creature comforts but the real improvements are under the hood, lining the numbers and programmed in the PLCs that control the darn things.  I am a little afraid  to buy a new vehicle because i think it will be outdated and antiquated as soon i drive it off the lot.  Technology and vehicles are speeding ahead faster than the consumer can keep up.   It will totally insane what the transpiration industry will look like in five years

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